Tonto blasts Anita Joseph for shaming her bestie

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Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has taken to social media to blast her friend, Anita Joseph for mocking her best friend, Uche Elendu.
Tonto goes further by aaking Anita, If we quarrel as my Gee na so you go do me.

However, Tonto Dikeh did not take this likely and decided to air her grievance about the issue on social media. Tonto wrote: “Babe you no do anything wrong but for you to bring this come here na fuvk up.. you and Uche na sisters , this na room and parlour discussion.. you my girl and I go tell you the truth, don’t ever let strangers judge case for true friendship.. ” MY GEE this video na plain MESSUP, delete it.. FRIENDSHIP HARD OO, I mean true friendship, And also if Uche wanted more she wld have signed you but my problem now be say THIS VIDEO IS A TOTAL DISRESPECT TO YOUR OVER 10years relationship, she said.” In addition, she stated, “You do this one for my head I no fit forgive you guan(not the signing but this public humiliation)Love you girl but you wrong for this video and hell Uche is wrong too but that’s friendship and healthy jealousy must enter..Dearest Anita 11 years of friendship or more can’t be compared to a 1 min marriage ooo..I know say you no listen becos you feel say I for do worse… “ “DARLING WE DONT EMBARRASS FRIENDS BUT BY ALL MEANS EMBARASS A FOOL!! I AM NOT IN SUPPORT PERIOD! Fuck those local Nollywood celebrities supporting this post. Anita if we quarrel as my Gee na so you go do me??? Gee Take my advice or leave it!! ANY WHICH WAY I GAT YOU. “YOUR POST HURT ME NOT TALK MORE OF YOUR BEST FRIEND, Tonto stressed.” However, Anita Joseph did not delete the video as Tonto advised, but responded by saying that she was really messed up and that Uche had even threatened her that she would still share with the public. She has written Anita stated, “babe I get you,friendship hard,when you get a good one then your blessed,this one is total bullshit ,my Gee you can’t even take half of what I took aswear. she really messed up and she has really said a lot so let me clear it…she also threatened me at due time I will post that….sister no Dey kill sister na Godforbid…. she deceived me with her smile….”

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